Episode 42 – Brian Lohmann

Episode 42 – Brian Lohmann

SnapSessions! presents Episode 42, featuring an interview with our artist of the show—actor, improviser, songwriter, and director Brian Lohmann as well as our next installment in the SnapSessions! Environmental Hall of Shame series—“Exxon Knew”, a blazing critique of the fossil fuel giant’s long-time cover up of the realities of Climate Change.

Brian Lohmann talks about his youth in San Francisco and his introduction to improvisational theatre with his first improv group—The San Francisco Times, his work with the storied and multi-talented group Faultline at San Francisco State in the late 1970s/early 1980s, his help founding Bay Area Theatresports in the late 1980s, and then his instrumental work in developing long-form improvisation with Pulp Playhouse, Shakespeare Unscripted, and eventually Impro Theater in Los Angeles over the last thirty years. We also talk about Brian’s songwriting in developing the character Johnny Lonely, and in the last few years with his Covid trio—Ballad of the Covid Kid, I Love You from a Distance, and Super Spreader. A truly creative life.

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In addition, SnapSessions! features another in its ongoing series—The Environmental Hall of Shame– with an exposé on Exxon’s corrupt concealment of their knowledge of the Climate Crisis going back to the late 1950s as Humble Oil, and more extensively since they began doing detailed research into the problem in the late 1970s. The result has been political deception on a planet-endangering, Eco War Criminal level. 

Episode 42 is 1 hour 17 minutes long and includes an intro, SnapSessions! Environmental Hall of Shame’s “Exxon Knew” (starts at 1:23), and our interview with improv and song-writing artist Brian Lohmann (starts at 20:24).

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