Episode 41 – Ben Slay

Episode 41 – Ben Slay

SnapSessions! Podcast presents Episode 41, featuring an interview with our activist of the show—academic, economic consultant, and United Nations diplomat Ben Slay, and a salute to Jonathan Winters, one of the great comedians of American showbiz history.

Ben Slay graduated from high school in 1976 in Fort Bragg, and his academic studies lead him to a PhD in Economics. A Fulbright Fellowship in the 1980s permitted him to live and research in Poland and Hungary, and upon returning to the US, he authored books on post-Communist economies in Poland and Eastern Europe. For the past 20 years he has worked at the United Nations as a development specialist, giving him the opportunity for extensive travel to Central Asia. He is an expert in economies transitioning from communism to capitalism. An amazing career for a lad from Fort Bragg. 

The episode also includes a tribute to comedy legend Jonathan Winters, who came from Ohio and ended up with a career lasting over 60 years, appearing in dozens of television shows and movies, and producing more than twenty comedy records. He was an inspiration to many comics who have followed, most notably Robin Williams.

Episode 41 is 1-hour and 30 minutes long and includes an intro, the tribute to Jonathan Winters (starts at 1:22), and our interview with our homegrown UN diplomat and academic, Ben Slay (starts at 37:13).

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