Episode 54 – Teresa Sholars

Episode 54 – Teresa Sholars

SnapSessions! is back with Episode 54 featuring an interview with Ecologist, Botanist, and Environmental Science teacher Teresa Sholars. Also featured this month is an article—“The Saga of the Oakland As”, the story of the past 55 years of Oakland As’ baseball and the sad likelihood that they may soon be moving to Las Vegas.
Longtime treasured Mendocino Ecologist and Environmental Science teacher Teresa Sholars has always been close to nature. Born in Fresno, Teresa has spent most of her life working with plants and animals from an early childhood as a “wrangler” and backpack leader. After gaining a master’s in environmental planning and management from UC Davis in the mid 1970s she moved with her husband, Rob Sholars to Mendocino, where they purchased 3 twenty-acre forested plots and became integral parts of the community. They quickly made themselves experts in the ecology of the Pygmy Forest with Teresa teaching at the College of the Redwoods, Santa Rosa JC and other institutions and Rob raising vegetables while hustling for his PhD. After their house burned down and Rob tragically died in a car accident in the mid 1980s, Teresa doubled down on raising their three kids and made herself a key member of the College of the Redwoods faculty. In addition, she became an expert on wildflowers of the Redwood Forest, most especially the wonderful lupin flower. While pursuing a lifetime of environmental education Teresa has branched out into mycology (leading mushroom ID tours every Fall and Winter) and continues to be a friend of the dog, the horse and the pygmy forest.
We also both celebrate and bemoan the history of a storied sports franchise in “The Sage of the Oakland As”, which looks at the story of Oakland’s baseball team since its arrival in the East Bay in 1968. From its early days as the plaything of quirky owner Charles Finley, through the World Series championships of the 1972 to ’74, through the Rickey Henderson and “Bash Brothers” era of the late 1980s, and into the “Money Ball” times of Billy Beane, the Oakland As have had a truly epic history. Now facing a move to Las Vegas, we salute this fabulous ballclub. 
Episode 54 is 1 hour and 17 minutes long and includes an intro, the article ”The Saga of the Oakland As” (starts at 1:16). and our interview with Ecologist Teresa Sholars (starts at 22:51).

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