Evan Mills and Shakespeare Unscripted

Evan Mills and Shakespeare Unscripted

SnapSessions! presents Episode 57 featuring a muckraking exposé of the indoor marijuana growing industry with environmental scientist, Evan Mills, as well as a look at the origins of Shakespeare Unscripted, a long form improvised play developed by Dan O’Connor and Brian Lohmann in Hollywood back in 1999.

Evan Mills is an environmentalist who worked for many years for Lawrence Labs at the University of California at Berkeley. During his tenure he participated in the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, co-winners of the Nobel Peace Prize along with former Vice President Al Gore in 2007 for their work pointing out the danger of Climate Change. SnapSessions! interviewed Evan three years ago to explore his work as an Environmental Scientist. Now Evan is back, investigating a supposedly green industry, indoor marijuana farming, in his new guise as a muckraking journalist. Last year Evan wrote an article for Slate called “Environmental Justice: Up in Smoke” detailing a series of flagrant abuses of weed industry workers, of profligate energy wastage, and of zoning violations in the marijuana growing industry in Oakland, California. SnapSessions now presents a return interview with environmental activist Evan Mills!

SnapSessions! Episode 57 also presents interviews with two other SnapSessions! alumni, actor/directors Dan O’Connor and Brian Lohmann, who talk about the development of the long form improv Shakespeare Unscripted shows at Los Angeles’ Globe Theater back in 1999. Dan and Brian have spent years working in long-form improv with Impro Theatre of Los Angeles and talk with SnapSessions about how they decided to take on improvised Shakespeare 25 years ago. As SnapSessions! own Doug Nunn was present at the creation as producer, we reminisce about an important milestone in improvising full length plays in the style of the greatest playwright in English history.

Episode 57 is 1 Hour 25 minutes long and includes an intro, our talk with Dan & Brian on Shakespeare Unscripted (starts at 1:16), and our interview with investigative Environmental scientist, Evan Mills (starts at 45:06).

SnapSessions! includes original music by Marshall Brown, production by Marshall Brown, Max Oatney, and Frej Barty. Voiceovers by Doug Nunn and Marshall Brown, and articles and interviews by Doug Nunn. Our SnapSessions! artist and logo maker is caricaturist, Daniel Stieglitz.

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