Month: May 2020

Episode 21 – Mendocino Film Festival

SnapSessions! presents Episode 21, devoting a full chapter to the Mendocino Film Festival of 2019! This year’s 2020 festival has been cancelled due to the Corona Crisis so we bring out our tribute, a full length look at last year’s festival, to the filmmakers, the administrators, the workers, and the fans that have made 14…
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Episode 20 – Peter and Sheila Jowers

SnapSessions! presents Episode 20, featuring an interview with organic farmers and land pioneers, Peter & Sheila Jowers, as well as articles “Corona and the Black Plague” and  “A Tribute to John Prine”. Peter & Sheila Jowers talk about the building of the Adsett Court land partnership in the West Country of England from the mid…
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