Episode 29 – Caitlin Berrigan

Episode 29 – Caitlin Berrigan

SnapSessions! presents Episode 29, featuring an interview with artist/writer/teacher Caitlin Berrigan, a look at the fabulous life of scientist/explorer Alexander von Humboldt, and a tribute to 1930s cartoon starlet, Betty Boop!
Caitlin Berrigan talks about her youth on the Mendocino coast in Northern California, her education at Hampshire College and MIT as well as in Paris, her development as a video and conceptual artist with shows both at the Whitney in NYC and across Europe, her video pieces on Berlin and Beirut (“Vacant Addresses”) and on Volcanoes (“Imaginary Explosions” and “Becoming Mineral”). Caitlin also talks about her work in Academia in both Europe and the USA and muses about her work in “speculative world-building cosmology”, a topic that dazzled interviewer Doug Nunn.
In addition, SnapSessions! Episode 29 presents a look at the extraordinary life of Alexander von Humboldt, the great explorer/scientist of the late 18th and early/middle 19th centuries, as well as a tribute to 1930s cartoon heroine, Betty Boop and her battles with censorship.

Episode 29 is 89 minutes long and includes an intro, “Alexander von Humboldt—Explorer, Scientist, Polymath” (starts at 1:18), the tribute to Betty Boop (starts at 18:20), as well as our interview with artist/writer/teacher, Caitlin Berrigan (starts at 30:50).

SnapSessions! includes original music by Marshall Brown, production by Marshall Brown and Ken Krauss, voiceovers by Ken Krauss and Doug Nunn, and articles and interviews by Doug Nunn. Our SnapSessions! artist and logo maker is caricaturist, Daniel Stieglitz.

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