Episode 25 – Steve Jowers

Episode 25 – Steve Jowers

SnapSessions! presents Episode 25 (our Silver Jubilee episode), featuring an interview with British landscape architect, Steve Jowers as well as “A Tribute to Musical Parodist, Weird Al Yankovic”, and an article “Recycling Recycled” reporting on new realities in the world of recycling over the past few years.
Steve Jowers talks about growing up on a small farm in East Anglia and working beside his environmentalist father learning the basics of gardening, his education at Sussex University, his introduction to Landscape Architecture while on Exchange at UC Berkeley in the mid-1970s, and his taking a job as a Landscape architect in the new town of Milton Keynes a few years later. Jowers then takes us through the intricacies of planning a town from the ground up and of designing gardens and open space for a growing population. Along the way we learn about the artistry and history of landscaping and town planning, including an excursion into “The Great Stink of 1858”, a horror story that shocked interviewer Doug Nunn.

In addition SnapSessions! Episode 25 presents a tribute to just maybe the greatest parodist in modern musical history–Weird Al Yankovic. Highlights include various song selections from Yankovic’s stellar career as well as a few rarely heard interview snippets.  Episode 25 also includes “Recycling Recycled”, an update on humanity’s ongoing effort to deal with its rubbish. 

Episode 25 is 85 minutes long and includes an intro, the “Tribute to Weird Al Yankovic” (starts at 1:15), the article “Recycling Recycled” (starts at 19:00), as well as our interview with landscape architect, Steve Jowers (starts at 30:36).

SnapSessions! includes original music by Marshall Brown, production by Marshall Brown and Ken Krauss, voiceovers by Ken Krauss and Doug Nunn, and articles and interviews by Doug Nunn. Our SnapSessions! artist and logo maker is caricaturist, Daniel Stieglitz.

Ending song artist: https://artlist.io/song/608/optimistic

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