Episode 52 – John Hegley

Episode 52 – John Hegley

SnapSessions! reboots with Episode 52 featuring an interview with British Comic/Poet/Musician, John Hegley and an article, Coopting Cop 27, a report on the disappointing United Nations annual Conference of the Parties on Climate Change this past fall.

John Hegley has been one of Britain’s great comic poet/musicians since the early 1980s, having had his good-natured poems featured in The Guardian for many years. Starting as a street performer in Bristol and then London, Hegley mixed comedy poems with songs. His first big break came when his band, the Popticians, made it to Britain’s famous John Peel Show in 1983. (Peel’s show introduced Britons to a variety of great rock and rollers from the late 1970s into the 21st Century). Hegley also worked with Otiz Canneloni as one of the Brown Paper Bag Brothers and then became a regular contributor of poems to The Guardian in the late 1980s, a job that continued well into this century. In addition to being a regular part of the British entertainment scene, Hegley has led poetry workshops for kids and adults for years. Our interview features not only our entertaining chat with John Hegley but a lovely sampling of his songs and poems.

SnapSessions! continues its environmental reporting with Coopting Cop 27, an exposé of the ongoing sell out of Planet Earth’s very important yearly Climate conference. This past November’s conference in Sharm Al Sheik, Egypt was dominated by hundreds of fossil fuel lobbyists and is sadly castigated in Ep 52 as another nominee for SnapSessions! Environmental Hall of Shame.

Episode 52 is 1 hour and 9 minutes long and includes an intro, the article Coopting Cop 27 (starts at 1:22),  and our interview with British comedy poet/musician, John Hegley (starts at 15:07).

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