Episode 5 – Climate Reality Leadership Project

Episode 5 – Climate Reality Leadership Project

Written and Directed by: Doug Nunn
Voice overs by: Doug Nunn and Ken Krauss
Executive Producer: Marshall Brown


From August 28-30, 2018 SnapSessions! own Doug Nunn attended the Climate Reality Leadership Project’s training at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California. Nunn was one of over 2200 trainees, 150 mentors, numerous scientists, politicians, and advocates brought together by former Vice President and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore to advocate for climate protection and education. Like the other trainees, Doug was trained to present Gore’s classic Inconvenient Truth slide show and advocate for climate protection and a strong planetary response to runaway fossil fuel abuse.

In addition to Doug’s daily journal entries and commentary, the episode also includes interviews with people Doug met at the conference. Most were at his table, which included Northern California activists, but Doug also sought out other attendees from Africa and Mexico. Here below a list of the interview subjects:

-Gary Scharlach & April Phillips, Marin County, CA
-Estha Maddy, Democratic Republic of the Congo
-Michael Dade, Ghana
-Kate Lancaster, Humboldt State University
-Bill Nolan, San Francisco, CA
-David Kunhardt, Corte Madera, CA
-Darcy Robins, McKinleyville, CA
-Mary Paffard, Mendocino County, CA
-Oscar Moreno Fosado, VeraCruz, Mexico/Sacramento, CA
-Spencer Noren, Ventura, CA
-Markus Thorndike, Oakland, CA
-Carter Brooks, San Francisco, CA

Voices: Doug Nunn and Ken Krauss
Segment Producer: Ken Krauss


Welcome to Snap Sessions!, a podcast that looks at artists and their creative pursuits from Northern California to Europe and beyond, as well as investigating provocative articles and broadcasts across the political spectrum. On a daily basis we are overwhelmed by a variety of writings and programs in a dizzying array of venues. And scores of creative people respond in a multiplicity of imaginative genres. Snap Sessions! talks to contemporary artists about their creative ventures, and digests political articles that we miss.

Hosted by Doug Nunn, longtime performer, writer, and educator, Snap Sessions! visits creative people in their studios and workshops and asks them about their artistic lives, work, and opinions. Combined with these interviews are explorations of various important articles and programs in the news and across publications in the last few months. Snap Sessions! takes a critical and sardonic look at the present-day world of art and politics.

Snap Sessions! will aim to produce two shows a month, with interviews conducted and articles perused by Doug Nunn, and tech and sound engineering provided by Marshall Brown. Voiceover artists include Ken Krauss, Christine Samas and Steve Weingarten. We will interview artists from Northern California to Germany, France, Britain and beyond. Our aim is to give you a local and international perspective on the arts and a critical look at world politics. Our goals are to salute the power of creativity and to foster international understanding & solidarity.

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