Episode 49 – Mischa Hedges

Episode 49 – Mischa Hedges

For November, SnapSessions! podcast Episode 49 features an interview with filmmaker and environmental activist Mischa Hedges and Abort the Court, an exploration of the history of abortion since ancient times.

The episode opens with Abort the Court, an overview of abortion with an analysis of what the Bible doesn’t say about the topic and what our colonial forefathers did say. Ithas commentaries from Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and George Carlin, as well as leading scholars, refuting the Supreme Court’s recent Dobbs vs. Jackson’s Women’s Health decision.

This is followed by a chat with independent filmmaker and long-time environmental activist, Mischa Hedges. Mischa talks about his upbringing in Mendocino, where his father was musician/songwriter Michael Hedges and his mother was flutist and harpist Mindy Rosenfeld. Mischa produced videos in high school and then went on to Chapman University, working as an editor and production assistant soon thereafter. He put out his first film, Sustainable Table, right out of film school. Mischa leads us through his body of work—Of the Sea, Seeker of Truth, and Women’s March, and his upcoming films—Ellavut Cimirtuq and Oracle, the Life and Times of Michael Hedges.

In December the SnapSessions! Christmas episode featuring The Nutclucker, with the chickens of Rothman’s Henhouse singing Christmas carols, will be replayed, and January will see the premiere of the first part of a two-part history of local comedy improv group Hit and Run Theater.

Episode 49 is 85 minutes long and includes an intro, Abort the Court, our history of abortion (starts at 1:53 seconds), and our interview with filmmaker/environmentalist, Mischa Hedges (starts at 33:42).

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