Episode 35 – Gabriel Geiger

Episode 35 – Gabriel Geiger

SnapSessions! presents Episode 35, featuring an interview with our artist/activist of the show, Vice Media Group investigative journalist Gabriel Geiger, as well as another SnapSessions! look at American voter suppression, this time in comparison to other democracies.

Gabriel Geiger talks about growing up on the Mendocino Coast, his time as an exchange student in Denmark, his university studies in Amsterdam, and his rapid ascension as a reporter for Vice Media Group. Gabriel recaps various stories he has written for Vice including investigations of Tesla’s new plant in Germany, “predictive policing policies” in the Netherlands, and the power of “discriminative algorithms” in Denmark. He gives us a compelling look at his fast rise in new media journalism with the perspective of a truly international voice.

In addition, SnapSessions Episode 35 includes a new report on Voter Suppression in the United States, entitled “Why Are Republicans Chicken? Voter Suppression–Comparing the US to Other Democracies.” We compare and contrast our complicated and restrictive voting systems with those in Sweden, Estonia, Australia, Belgium, and other countries.

Episode 35 is 65 minutes long and includes an intro, the article “Why Are Republicans Chicken? Voter Suppression–Comparing the US to Other Democracies.” (starts at 1:22), and our interview with investigative journalist, Gabriel Geiger (starts at 20:04). 

SnapSessions! includes original music by Marshall Brown, production by Marshall Brown and Ken Krauss, voiceovers by Ken Krauss and Doug Nunn, and articles and interviews by Doug Nunn. Our SnapSessions! artist and logo maker is caricaturist, Daniel Stieglitz.

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