Episode 2 – Christine Samas

Episode 2 – Christine Samas

Episode Notes:
Article I–an appreciative report on The New Yorker article–“Annals of Ecology, Home Invasion–Infiltrating Residences and decimating crops, the Stink Bug keeps Spreading” by Kathryn Schulz, March 2018

Interview with Craftswoman Christine Samas

Article II–“Remember When We Used to Have Friends?” Looking at Trump Foreign policy and our relations with the world.

Music Credits:
Darren Curtis – 80’s Sci-Fi Action “Breakdown City”

“Collide” by Airhead Music.
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Article III–“Fellatio for Fossil Fuels”–Scott Pruitt, the EPA and CAFE Standards for Automobiles

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Hosted by Doug Nunn, longtime performer, writer, and educator, Snap Sessions! visits creative people in their studios and workshops and asks them about their artistic lives, work, and opinions. Combined with these interviews are explorations of various important articles and programs in the news and across publications in the last few months. Snap Sessions! takes a critical and sardonic look at the present-day world of art and politics.

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