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Interviews with Artists, Political Commentary, Deep Dives into Media.


Our podcast talks with visual artists, writers, musicians, actors, filmmakers and creative people from the US and around the world.


We look at some fantastic pieces of journalism and media that appears shortly in various outlets and then dissapear like media mayflies.


A focus on musicians and other creators who have contributed provocative and unique work to our culture.

Latest News

Episode 29 – Caitlin Berrigan

SnapSessions! presents Episode 29, featuring an interview with artist/writer/teacher Caitlin Berrigan, a look at the fabulous life of scientist/explorer Alexander von Humboldt, and a tribute to 1930s cartoon starlet, Betty Boop! Caitlin Berrigan talks[…]

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Episode 28 – Evan Mills

SnapSessions! presents Episode 28, featuring an interview with environmental scientist and member of the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Evan Mills, as well as a salute to[…]

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Episode 27 – The Irish Persons

SnapSessions! presents Episode 27, a special episode, where SnapSessions shares a recent discovery, a vanished piece of folk music history, a newly unearthed documentary featuring folk music historian, Cairn Krust[…]

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Our Team

Combining 65+ years of Media experience. Doug Nunn, Ken Krauss and Marshall Brown work together to bring you the highest quality podcasting experience. Snap Sessions offers a quirky and iconoclastic look at the arts, politics, and culture. 

Doug Nunn

Show Creator
Interview Producer

Ken Krauss

Voice Over Artist
Segment Producer

Marshall Brown

Sound Engineer
Executive Producer

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